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Cardiff Uni says online learning is ‘likely’ in next academic year

Classes have been online since March due to Coronavirus

Since March 2020, Cardiff students have seen major changes to university life. The students’ lectures, seminars and tutorials have all been online after Vice-Chancellor, Colin Riordan, declared ‘the Coronavirus outbreak a major incident for the University’.

However, despite reaching the ‘peak’ of cases in the UK weeks ago, it doesn’t appear that the university will return to normal by September. A Cardiff University spokesperson told The Cardiff Tab that “Whilst it’s still early to provide absolute clarity on what this will look like for individual students, there is likely to be a combination of on-campus provision and online learning”.

Since March, there have been numerous rumours about the conditions in place for students in their return to university in September. One of the most notable being that BSc students will be allowed to return for physical teaching but students studying towards a BA (Hons) will continue online teaching for the entirety of the first semester. The Cardiff University spokesperson told The Tab Cardiff that “We do not recognise these specific claims”.

They continued to state that while this has not been decided, “there is likely to be a combination of on-campus and online learning from the start of the next academic year”.

The University said that no final decisions have yet been made as the situation is constantly developing. However, they informed the Cardiff Tab that the Vice-Chancellor is chairing a Task Group who are “reviewing options for the re-opening of campus and delivery of our education” but the specifics of this are still unclear.

The University spokesperson confirmed that they “will keep all students updated over the coming weeks and months as our plans are finalised”.

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