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Stop moaning about strikes and vote for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette

Can’t they all win?

You picked your favourites, the fittest of the fit, but now you need to make your final decision. Who is Cardiff's most eligible bachelorette?

Rakshanda Khaunte, second year Business Management

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IG: rakshanda23

How do you feel about reaching the final?

Quite surprised, didn't expect to make it this far but thankful to all my fans for voting. Think my mum's going to be proud!

Rakshanda's self-written bio:

I'm widely known as the Deliveroo guru. Nothing makes me happier than a nap and some food! Can't do without cheesy chips with garlic sauce after a night out, T&A's only. You'll either find me cutting shapes at the SU or watching Netflix in bed.

Hannah Farr, third year Human Social Sciences

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How do you feel about reaching the final?

Not quite sure how I ended up in the final round, but feel rather lucky. I better say thanks to all my fans for voting for me. Message me for an autograph. x

Hannah's self-written bio:

I compete with the commercial dance competition team but somehow my best moves are still in the SU on a Wednesday. I like doing active stuff such as running, hiking, cycling, and did rowing in first year. I'd say I'm quite a driven and ambitious person but maybe not all the time.

Sarah Harris, third year Journalism and Sociology

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How do you feel about reaching the final?

It's quite amusing really! I'm guessing Cardiff is running low on eligible bachelorettes? But thanks to everyone who voted for me, definitely something I'll put on my LinkedIn x

Sarah's self-written bio:

When I'm not crying over my dissertation, final year students will know the struggle, you'll find me asleep. I once accidentally took a 20 hour nap. I'm also a self-employed hot wing consumer and spend a fair bit of time dancing in my PJs at 2 AM. Being able to touch my nose with my tongue is my biggest and only talent!

Georgia Chard, second year Medicine

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IG: georgiachardx

How do you feel about reaching the final?

I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely shocked because every single one of the girls were so pretty! Hopefully from this we can all find the love of our lives.. or at least a date to Nando's. x

Georgia's self-written bio:

I'm just one of the many girls that Tinder isn't quite working out for. I'm a trainee doctor aka medic, so can look after you. My only loves are my family and the gym at the moment so need aa new light in my life. Strong believer in not settling.

Alex Doran, placement year Economics

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IG: _alexdoran

How do you feel about reaching the final?

Absolutely honoured to have made the final, it's the height of my uni experience.

Alex's self-written bio:

I'm Alex, I have genuine feelings for the SU and am not ashamed to say my heart belongs in rugby corner, love the boys (still planning on marrying a footballer though, it's just a phase). I'm a proud member of the small population of northerners in Cardiff and can dance my way into anyone's heart.

It's time to have your say and to crown Cardiff's most eligible bachelorette