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Here are the best places to grab vintage clothing in Cardiff

In need of some vintage TLC?

Vintage clothing is something everyone needs in their life. Let’s be honest, we all crave new styles and trends which will make our wardrobe not as boring. An outfit which makes heads turn while you walk down Woodville Road, (no matter how much of a hungover mess you are). It's also a great way to help the environment and is cheaper than fast fashion!

Not sure where to start? Here are the hot spots in Cardiff for some vintage pieces.


Hobo's is a vintage shop in High Street Arcade. An independent second hand clothing store, it primarily focuses on 60s, 70s and 80s clothes and accessories.

Not only is the outside super cool and retro, but the clothing is unmissable. Whether it be corduroy shirts or some funky coats, their selection is huge. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for some retro pieces!

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Everything is super organised, so it's easy to have a rummage through

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Don't forget to check out downstairs too


Another gem situated in the arcade, but this time in Morgan Quarter. If you’re a student and haven’t visited there yet, you have to!

Whilst the clothing here can be a little pricy, it’s definitely worth going to just for a sneak peak of the items they sell and the styles they put out.

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This shop is an absolute must!

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Just look at all that denim

Sobeys sell clothes which scream fun and quirky, so get yourself down there to find your next sustainable uni outfit.

Flamingos Vintage

This vintage shop has to be one of Cardiff's hidden gems! It can be found in the Capitol Shopping Centre in town and what is different about Flamingos is that they individually price some of their items, but most of their items is done by weight. So you can find some amazing vintage pieces, at an even better price!

Just look at their pieces, trust us on this one when we say, it is hard to leave with absolutely nothing.

Vintage renewal at UO

Whilst this is one of the more conventional shops on the list, sometimes you just can’t resist the Urban Outfitters Vintage clothing collection.

Their pieces always have a bit of an edge and whilst not as unique as some of the other stores, if you’re one who loves anything vintage then this is the place for you. Like much UO, their prices aren't very student friendly (which after all is one of the vintage clothing perks).

But, their styles make up for it. Even if you have the dreaded fear that you will be wearing the same jacket as the girl next to you in the lecture hall – been there, done that and yes you probably will too.

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Seems like denim is in this season!

Kilo sales

Now for the renowned Kilo sale which can be found in town but also at Cathays Community centre on Cathays Terrace, have a peek on Facebook for their events. What's better than a short walk for one of a kind, vintage clothes?

With clothes not individually priced but the price coming from the weight, if you're there early you can can grab some pretty good steals! Ralph Lauren shirt for £10? Yes please!

You can find when and where the next kilo sale is by searching on Facebook.

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So many clothes, so little money…

SU vintage sale

Although few and far between, these can be super cheap, affordable and they have some really cool stuff. TOP TIP – go early as quite a lot of the good stuff sells out quick. If you slept in after YOLO, then maybe you'll find a few odds and sods, but only if you're lucky.

Vintage clothing stores are sustainable, affordable and most importantly, fashionable. After all, we should be using these student loads the right way.