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KSI vs. Logan Paul: From Youtubers to Sky Sports Boxers

A full breakdown of the fight

Deja vu? Yeah me too, well, sort of. Last year, these two had a fight that ended in a draw and racked up over a million pay-per-view buyers, making it the biggest non-professional boxing match of all time – supposedly earning the pair a cool $10 milli each.

The key difference this time round though is that they’ve gone pro, fighting with no head-guards and with 10oz. gloves. Which basically meant that if either of these two were clipped by the other in the wrong way, there would surely be a knockout.

The press conferences all had hundreds of thousands of live views and racked up millions more after the fight. Even Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber showed up to the staples centre to see what happened when these two touched gloves the second time around.

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who gets this mad over math

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It was pretty hard to predict exactly which way the fight would go considering their inexperience in the ring, but Logan Paul was the bookies favourite and you can see why. He’s got 2 inches on KSI in height and is just quite frankly, stacked. His punches will have packed some serious power and were expected to spell out trouble for KSI – especially in the earlier rounds.

Also, the guy who trained Logan has 33 first round knockouts against his name; combining those skills with someone as strong as Logan Paul meant this fight could’ve got real spicy, real quick.

But nothing was certain and KSI was definitely aware of the potential danger from Logan coming into the fight. He spent the last couple of weeks before the fight in Las Vegas training with the Mayweather’s, probably the most famous name in boxing.

Really, it was just a matter of whether or not he’d be able to pull something like that out of his locker on the night against an opponent like Logan.

And he did, sort of. KSI just about got that W, but not quite as cleanly as he had promised.

The fight ended up lasting all six rounds, with both Logan and KSI knocking each other down but not quite out cold, despite one lethal uppercut from Logan looking like it might end the fight there and then.

Neither of them had an easy time and it all came down to who could dig deepest and show the most heart.

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A couple of rogue punches while KSI was down in the fourth earned Logan a big 2-point deduction which ultimately cost him the fight.

As soon as he heard “…from the United Kingdom…” KSI broke down in tears with Logan seemingly refusing to believe he’d lost. The two then shook hands and seemed to have finally squashed all the beef.

Logan will likely be looking for a re-match, but it's safe to say the saga is done now and this may well be the end of YouTube boxing on this scale.

This definitely wasn’t the most skilful boxing match, especially not from KSI and his windmill arms. Yet, he did what he needed to do and these two both showed serious heart and deserve respect for even getting into that ring.

Ultimately, this is pretty conclusive evidence lads – size doesn’t matter.

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Feature photo via Sky Sports Boxing instagram.