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Grab your coats: ‘Wrap Up Cardiff’ needs your help!

The campaign wants your unwanted coats

A self-storage company is calling on the residents of Cardiff to donate their good quality, unwanted coats to Hands On London's 'Wrap Up Cardiff' campaign for the less fortunate.

This winter will mark the eighth year of the 'Wrap Up' campaign and so far a total of 137,000 coats have been collected for the homeless. The distribution of thousands of coats goes to over 100 charities, homeless shelters, children centres, and refugees.

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The 'Hands On' team have collected many coats in London already!

Latest statistics say that there are currently 345 rough sleepers in Wales alone. This winter you can help rough sleepers by donating your unwanted coats to 'Wrap Up Cardiff'.

Safestore work alongside 'Hands On' to store the coats while they are being distributed. Shahid Kadodia, the digital and marketing director for Safestore says: "We are very passionate about supporting 'Wrap Up Cardiff' as they are working so hard to provide comfort and care for those in need."

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Safestore ensure that all coats are kept in good condition before they are distributed

Persuaded to donate those coats you never wear? Head over to the Safestore branch on Newport Road between 1st and 30th November to donate your coats.

Check out the campaign here.