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We’ve found the best last minute Halloween outfits in Cardiff so you didn’t have to

You are welcome x

Just in case you haven't been constantly reminded by social media, Halloween is next Thursday. Meaning that this weekend is the last time for you to rush into town and grab an outfit. Luckily, we investigated the best places for you to pick stuff up which means no frantic searching around the St Davids Centre.


This was the unsung hero of our shopping trip. So much choice and with great bargains.

Seriously, you could get a 'scary nurse' outfit for £6, a headband for £1 and stockings for £3. Now if our maths is right, that's a tenner for a pretty decent Halloween outfit.

Also, THEY HAVE SIZES. No more of this one size fits all BS.

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We are impressed Wilko, truly.


Primark's Halloween selection was a little disappointing, especially since it's the first place you think of when you head into town for cheap deals.

However, with a little imagination you could piece together a pretty decent outfit (be it scary or not).

Harley Quinn anyone? Grab this t-shirt and the temporary tattoos, whack your hair in pig tails and you're good to go.

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Few rips here and there

Ariana Grande can be perfected with an oversized sweater, hair in a high pony and knee high boots!

They also had their usual accessories, hand bands and sparkly clips if you're going to a 'cute' but scary outfit than actually scary.

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Tiger is always a good shout for decorations. But who knew that their Halloween selection is actually pretty decent

Okay, for £1 each you could easily place together a pretty good Peaky Blinder outfit!

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Who knew you could dress up as an actual disco ball?

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Not the biggest selection, but we would die for that Ringleader outfit and its only £19.99. A little on the expensive side, but it can always be kept for an inevitable social or fancy dress party in the future!

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That's also a leopard jumpsuit for all your scary spice / leopard needs.

New Look

Get to New look for a NEW LOOK for Halloween.

Jokes aside, New Look was actually quite impressive with its Halloween accessories range. Mature and sparkly, it's just what any student wants for their DIY outfit. Plus, student discount!

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All these accessories can round off any Halloween outfit.

Pop-up Halloween store

As it's a pop-up Halloween specific store, we did find most of these outfits were on the pricey side. But they're handy as they're complete outfits with accessories included.

If anything, check out the store for some of the funny names for the knock-off costumes: Peaky blinders as 'gangster costume' and Eleven from Stranger Things as 'Telepathic girl'.

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It's hard to miss but if you do it's next to Hollister in the St David's Centre.


Last but not least is Poundland, which had the biggest selection of Halloween stuff and some pretty quality stuff for a quid.

Masks, headband and fake blood for everyone!

Would definitely recommend a trip to Poundland to see if you can get something for a quid to build an outfit around. Standard DIY and cheap as chips. Bargain.

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Someone please wear the 'Light up head bopper' to YOLO x

All those masks and fake blood for £1!!!

So, there you have it. All the best places to find super quick and easy Halloween outfits this year in Cardiff. Looking forward to seeing these outfits in our Clubbers of the Week after Halloween!