You’ll only understand these photos if you live in Cardiff

Happy days

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Cartridge Save recently carried out a photography project titled 'A Day in the Life' and visited several major cities in the UK. With a bit of luck, Cardiff made the shortlist and photographers took to the street to capture our daily lives in the capital.

Whether you're familiar with one or two things, or see every single moment on a daily basis, these photos are the most Cardiff things you're going to see all day.

The Big Red Bus


The beloved Cardiff arcades


Every fresher has walked this trek into town


You'll see this person most days, I hope for their sake they have an interesting podcast on


Would it even be Cardiff if people didn't walk around with umbrellas all day long?


On that subject, this is what the night out equivalent is to umbrellas


There's no better way to travel down Chippy Lane (shock it's raining again)


"Happyyy Daysss"


You will hear the words "fresh strawberries", "apples" and "oranges" from the other side of Queen Street


The average scenes on a Saturday night down Chippy Lane


Hands down the most attractive part of Cardiff, closely followed by City Hall

Credit: Amanda Golton &

The real holy grail of the city, Principality Stadium

Credit: Jennifer Pearce &

The water taxi to the Bay which I doubt any of us have been on

Credit: Robert Plant &

Ok I take it back, City Hall is the most attractive part of Cardiff

Credit: Mook Kanyanee &

Of course Cardiff Bay needs a mention

Credit: Alex Scott &

And to finish up, an all-time favourite

Credit: Sanskrity Sharan &

So, here's a tribute to our amazing city and the habits and moments we've become used to. Cardiff, you're great x

If you're keen to see the entire project, then check it out here.

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