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Don’t try to deny it, you’re suffering from Freshers’ Flu and you need this guide to help you

Paracetamol is your new best friend

Freshers week is the one week at Uni that it's totally acceptable to go out clubbing and drinking every single night. In normal adult life, you would definitely be seen as that boozy person who lowkey has an alcohol problem, but the excuse 'it's freshers' week' just makes it so much more ok, right?

So, granted it's not the healthiest week of your life and to recover from the classic Freshers' Flu (which you will undoubtedly have), here's a few tips.

What even is Freshers' Flu?

Germs, germs and more germs. How can you protect yourself from all these germs? Well you can't, not really, and as someone who thought they would avoid freshers flu I can tell you that is virtually impossible.

Freshers flu isn't really a flu, it's usually just a really bad cold. Some of the most common symptoms are coughs, fevers, shivers, runny nose, sore throat and a headache, however it's not restricted to these.

So what can you do to cure it?

None of us want to be ill during Freshers' Week, especially when we have to stay in while all of our mates are out (FOMO is not ok). So knowing a few speedy remedies will definitely come in handy to make sure you survive the week.

1. Get enough sleep

The most important way to survive freshers flu is to get enough sleep and to rest up. That's when your body is going to be working hardest to fight off the influx of germs.

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A mug of tea then a nap will become your daily routine

2. Keep your diet on track

We all love a kebab at T & A or a cheesy chips at Fam Fish, but night after night of bad eating can take its toll on our bodies. At least try to maintain a well rounded diet during Freshers' Week. Try drinking water in between the alcohol, I promise this will help (even if you have to sneak to the bathroom so your mates don't catch you out). Exercising can also be a great way of kick-starting your body. Sweat off that hangover.

3. Reach for those paracetamols your mum packed for you

It's common knowledge that every Uni student has a mum packing their meds bags before they head back to Uni. 3 packs of Paracetamol, 2 packs of Ibuprofen and the biggest size Night Nurse you can buy. However, don't think that these will help destroy the bugs on their own. You need to take all of the steps into account.

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"Mum, can you pls bring me a tea? I know you're 100 miles away but I'm poorly"

4. Register at a local GP

When you get to university it can be a lot of stress, life admin and completely new surroundings, especially as a fresher. But amongst all of the chaos and excitement, don't forget to register at a GP surgery in Cardiff. If the freshers flu does get really bad, then it's reassuring to know that you have this medical support available to help you.

P.S It's also a smart idea to make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you come to university, you can check this at your GP surgery.

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Ah North Road Medical Practice, thanks for having our backs x

So all in all, Freshers' Flu is like any other illness you've had in your life. Your common sense will be your best tool to help you survive it, here's hoping you haven't destroyed all of your brain cells from the alcohol.

Keep in mind that sleep is really important and alcohol and late nights take more of a toll on your body than you actually realise.

Wishing you all some luck for Freshers' Week and if any of you actually manage to escape the Freshers' Flu, then please teach the rest of us.