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The things no one tells you about as a Cardiff fresher

Get ready for a grand three years

Big up you, you've got your results and you're coming to Cardiff. You are in for an incredible three years.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, but I'm sure you know that. What you probably don't know is the hidden secrets of Cardiff from not buying tickets to the beautiful scenery. Rest assured, all those secrets are in this article. You are welcome.

You don't need to buy SU tickets

Correct. If you get to the SU before 11pm on a Wednesday night, you get free entry. It is as simple as that.

Yes you can buy tickets for £5 that mean you can go in after 11 but don't bother. Most of the time, the SU is full by 11pm anyway so you'd lose out on a fiver and a night out.

Go to the SU early, leave early and make it to your 9am lecture. At least pretend that's your plan.

You'll discover another not so well kept secret fairly early on in your first trip to the SU – Cardiff just love a VK. One Cardiff student even won a VK tracksuit.

VKs are cheaper downstairs in the SU

Talking of VKs, the SU has different prices on different floors. Price competition at its finest.

Before 11, you can get four VKs for £10 downstairs but upstairs it is a whole different story.

The trick is, always come into the SU through the back entrance and then head straight to the bar. Get your VKs down you and then head upstairs for a boogie. You are welcome.

You can go to the cinema for less than £4

Get yourself to Cineworld. £3.60 for a ticket. A bargain. Vue also do cheap tickets so turn up, flash that student card and you've got yourself a great deal.

There are things to do sober

You might think uni is all about alcohol but there are other things to do in Cardiff. Penarth, Cardiff Market and Roath Park to name just a few.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Gavin and Stacey was filmed in Barry which is near Cardiff. However, there are other spots nearby that are also good to visit. Penarth is one of them. It's got a cute pier and tasty Fish & Chips, you've got to pay Penarth a visit.

Cardiff Market is an indoor market with lots of stalls from pots and pans to great coffee, there's something for everyone. It can cure your hangover with a strong or espresso but is also a cute spot to take your parents when they visit.

Roath Park is a hidden gem in the territory of Met but it's worth the trip. It even has pedalos you can rent. Revision break or procrastination tactic, you decide.

Most lectures are recorded, seminars are not

Yes you will tell yourself that you'll go to every lecture and every seminar but you won't. You'll begin the cycle of going out and being too hungover to make it to uni and there is no turning back after that. Fear not, most schools record the lectures so you can watch them back and even slow them down if your lecture babbles too fast. Seminars are not recorded, go.

There is life beyond the SU

Yeah the SU is the best night of the week but there are so many other places to go out. There's Pryzm, Revs, Live Lounge, Kongs and many more to discover. One of the clubs has recently had a multi million pound refurb too!!

Cardiff really is your oyster.

There are places to study other than the ASSL

The ASSL may be the biggest study spot on campus but it isn't the best. There's the SU with a lovely view of the Main Building and food nearby which is a great way to procrastinate or head to Julian Hodge which has a relatively empty study zone, even in exam season. If you really need a library then take your pick from Bute, Aberconway or Senghennydd and the list goes on.

Cardiff Confessions is lit

Cardiff Confessions is a great addition to Facebook. From library crushes to moaning about bouncers, this page covers everything. People submit their confessions anonymously so there's no shame in speaking your mind. It truly is a great form of procrastination.

So there you have it, the things every Cardiff fresher should know. Take advantage.