This sesh legend got over 10,000 retweets in a VK Twitter competition and won an actual VK tracksuit

Yes, VK tracksuits really do exist

A night out in the UK obviously isn’t complete without a luminous VK in each hand.

Green, blue, orange, tropical – whichever flavour meets your preference – everyone in the club will be sipping on those delicious bad boys until the early hours.

But one lucky punter took his love for the alcopops one step further through tweeting VK in an attempt to try and get some free drinks.

Jordan Coombe, a 19-year-old promoter from Cardiff, managed to bag himself not only some free VKs, but a VK tracksuit, jumper, and umbrella after gaining over 10,000 retweets on his Twitter conversation with VK.

After asking VK what it would take for him to win a years supply of the drink, they responded by offering him “a full VK tracksuit, 5 cases, a VK jumper, and umbrella”, as long as he got 10,000 retweets of the conversation within two weeks.

But this sesh-legend only needed just nine hours to beat their asking price, and managed to rack up over 11,000 retweets.

However, this is no surprise, as he boasts almost 37,000 Twitter followers.

Due to his love, he saw tweeting them as a “no-brainer” to try and get some freebies.

Buzzing about his win, Jordan told The Tab: “VKs are VKs, who doesn’t love them?! I think it’s everybody’s dream to get five free cases of VKs and a bundle of merchandise.”

Jordan’s girlfriend goes to Cardiff University, and as a result “VKs are all I drink at The Lash”, he told us. The promoter said the four for a tenner deal are his go to, two tropical and two blue in each hand.

According to Jordan, the VKs themselves will be arriving later, but we did manage to get a sneak peak at the tracksuit and jumper, which is black and white with VK branding.

The lucky winner said: “They’re really good quality, and I love the design, it’s really smart.”

Of course, demand for such a lucrative prize is high, with people now sliding into Jordan’s DMs bidding for the tracksuit. Jordan commented: “I’ve already been DM’d on Twitter asking me if I am selling the tracksuit.” He didn’t reveal a starting price for it, but surely a prize like this is priceless?


As well as the new garms, VK are sending Jordan five crates of VK to his house to keep him ticking along between Union nights, but did offer Jordan another five crates if he could raise his retweets to 50,000. Jordan said: “They asked me if I wanted to go the extra mile and get 50,000 RTs for 10 cases, but it was double or nothing but I didn’t want to risk it.”

A spokesperson for VK told The Tab: “We love to reward our genuinely loyal fans, we want to build a relationship with each and every one of them. Our ‘#DOUVK Rewarded’ system allows us to do so, by giving back to VK drinkers that show how far they’d go for the brand. We’ve got plenty more opportunities to win in the future, with a BIG campaign coming soon.”

As for any details the campaign, they were tight-lipped on the matter, but did say reconfirm last year’s news that Cardiff is the number one VK distributor in the UK.

Jordan’s original tweet to VK has been seen over a million times on Twitter, which isn’t surprising given everyone’s love for the drinks. On whether his tracksuit will rack up some legendary status in Cardiff, Jordan replied: “Stormzy will have nothing on me”.