Here are the Top 20 Cardiff Confessions of 2019 so far

Did your confessions make the cut?

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Between all the lonely hearts advertisements and the budding journalistic critics, Cardiff Confessions has arguably some of the most relatable content on the internet.

They've gotten you through semester one and they're powering you through semester two. So we have rounded up the 20 most liked posts of this year so far, just in case you managed to miss them. Trust us they're classic.

20. The Instagram hater

Apparently an 'x' doesn't make things better

19. The economics commentator

#CardiffConfession3074These barriers are about as effective as the Uni’s budgeting skills

Posted by Cardiff Confessions on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

That 21m deficit though.

18. The disgruntled Cardiff Uni student who likes to remind everyone they got into a Russell Group

When you've earned your place in a Russell Group you preach it…

17. The course rankings

Journalists are the best, it's been proven

16. The Cardiffian Rhapsody

Wow. Just wow.

15. The one that said what we were all thinking

*Signs the register and proceeds to open up Facebook*

14. The procrastinator that we all sympathise with

If you have done this once, you will never learn from your mistakes

13. The struggling final year

The epitome of 'fake it til you make it'

12. The magic of ABBA

To be fair, who doesn't love a bit of Swedish pop?

11. The concerned student who found an important piece of work

This looks like an important document, hope the owner got it back safely

10. The best use of bondage materials

#CardiffConfession3099students get 20% off bondage and I’m gonna use it to strap myself to my desk and do some fucking work

Posted by Cardiff Confessions on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Honestly, this person may be onto something revolutionary.

9. The positive spin on exams

Why not go for round two?

8. Rugby beef at its finest

Omg did you know that Wales beat England in the Six Nations game?

7. The risk that may be worth taking

At least this would get you out of exams

6. The unimpressed student

Very constructive feedback with plenty of suggestions for improvement

5. The trend-setter

From a distance no-one can tell, plus your ears will smell minty fresh!

4. The pain is too real

Maybe in 100 years it will be complete

3. The jumper debate

Imagine lol

2. The engineer that needs to get on this ASAP

This would be life-changing

1. The most relatable post of all


That's the cream of the crop so far, here's to more great confessions in 2019!