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10 things you WILL see on a night out at Live Lounge

The good, the bad and just the ugly

Live Lounge is the go to night, whether you want a cheap night, an afters or just a great time. We've all been too drunk on the dance floor and chances are we’ve thrown up in the toilets or smoking area. Whatever your opinion of Live Lounge is, you will have experienced these things on your night there.

Open up my eaaaager eyeees

Mr Brightside will be playing. All night, every night. Fingers crossed you like the song because it'll probably be played a few times in the same night as well.

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Walking into Live Lounge you'll be greeted with the ever present, never pleasant smell of puke. It’s not all bad though, it only takes about two minutes for you to acclimatise to the smell. Then you can get grooving.

The cock hopper

That one lad or lass that’s necking half the club. Yeah you know who you are.

The floor

Like with any club, the dance floor is a bedlam of spilt drinks but something about Live Lounge makes it 10 times worse.

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Feet stuck to the floor? Drink instead

Fall fail

At some point during your night you’ll hear a loud “woah” from half the club, this means some drunk girl has fallen off the stage. Don't worry though, it's a common thing so you won't be the first or the last.

Pics against the famous wall

If you haven't taken a picture here, have you really been to Live Lounge? It's part of the night, truly classic.

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Got to keep the loonies on the path

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The drink tosser

Isn’t it so much fun being soaked in beer, after it took you four hours to do your hair? Although more fool you if you took four hours doing your hair for a night at Live Lounge, you should have known better.

Oldies but goldies

You can guarantee that there will be a group of older men kicking about. Whether it's a stag do or a work night out, they will be there usually lurking around the bar. They're great dancers, great tequila shotters and just a laugh even if they are slightly creepy.

If you're not in to older men then at least you can be provided with some free entertainment watching the girls who are. Somewhere in a corner, usually by the smoking area, you will find a random girl dancing with a random old guy. What is he doing in a student club? Who knows.

The Revs rejects

You’ll notice these guys easily because they’ll be really dressed up, but wearing trainers. evs is just round the corner so chances are they got bored or didn't get in at all and ventured to the safety of Live Lounge.

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A reminder to not go out on a school night ?

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The loner

This person has either lost all their mates or they didn't get in where all their mates got in so they're left boogying alone. They may be alone to start with but by the end of the night, they'll have plenty of pals. You probably have made friends with this person and if you haven't you probably are the loner making friends.

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RIP my ability to drink #awfulnews

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Honestly though, we do love you Live Lounge.