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Stay with me here, but if animals were flatmate stereotypes this is what they’d be

Fingers crossed you’re not a chihuahua

A typical student hall flat has a variety of different personalities, but have you ever wondered what these personalities would be in animal form? Okay maybe not, but I have – so whether you are outgoing, shy, clever or lazy, everyone can be put into one of these categories.

The hen

Every student halls have their own mother hen. The reliable friend that is always there for you, they are happy to give you advice on your issues; however big or small. The hen is always the best cook, they will always be making a lovely chilli as everyone else is eating their ready meals . The mother hen will always look after you on a night out and make sure you get home safe – every halls needs a mother hen.

The monkey

The monkey has a cheeky and likeable personality and gets along with everyone. They're always up for going out, they're very spontaneous and seem to have an endless amount of friends. The monkey is normally quite a messy person but everyone lets them off because of their happy go lucky personality.

The snake

This person is always nice to your face but bitching behind your back. The snake might not be obvious at first but will eventually cause issues for the rest of the flat. Also, they might steal your food too so if your Nutella is gone, you know who has it.

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All look like snakes to me

The mole

Every hall has its mole, the slight hermit of the group that likes their own company a little too much. You’ve never actually ventured into their room but it will be dark, dingy and probably smell. Sometimes you wonder if they actually do live in your flat as they never seem to be around, let alone use the kitchen.

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The chihuahua

The chihuahua is a common occurrence in a student residence. They’re a little spoilt, pretty yappy and very annoying. They mean well but can be selfish at times. If they do a sport it's likely to be cheerleading, lacrosse or golf, which they drive to in their car. They're probably from Surrey and probably a Fiat 500 girl.

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Definitely a yapper

The sloth

Sloths sleep all day, they miss lectures and they are awake all night. The sloth has the laziest personality but is very sweet, caring and funny, even if they do take far too long to do any kind of task.

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Made it to the library… to sleep

The koala

The innocent koala is someone who seems a little young to be at uni as they worry about everything. They go home most weekends and always need a cuddle. They are always asking for advice and tend to tear up a lot over little things. They are definitely the younger sibling figure of the group.

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Mum Mum I had my first alcohol

If you don't think you know a chihuahua, it's probably you…