Everyone needs a Fiat 500 girl in their life

She is the best friend you’ll ever have


One man once described Fiat 500 girls as boyfriend obsessive:

We don’t think it’s fair. You have the Mum, the Woo Girl and the Hoe but in fact, the one person that gets neglected in the girl group is the Fiat 500 girl.

And while some of these perceptions about her boyfriend may be true, we often overlook the fact this girl isn’t getting the recognition she truly deserves. Here’s why:

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She looks impeccable 24 hours a day, seven days a week

There’s a theory that anyone who drives a Fiat 500 gets unbelievably good looking. It’s called the Fiat 500 glow up.

Okay, no I just made that up, but have you ever noticed that Fiat 500 drivers are always seen in luxury leisure wear or ripped jeans, with freshly threaded brows and individual eyelash extensions? And their cars are spotless inside.

Your Fiat 500 friend has undoubtedly used her new iPhone to post a picture of her perfectly manicured nails or brand new watch in front of that steering wheel.

She just always seems to have her shit together

The Fiat 500 girl knows every life hack, from how to get rid of spots to the latest ASOS deal and offers.

And if you ever need any recommendations on where to go for brunch or dinner, she’ll send you a list of venues, along with a rating of how Instagrammable they are.

She LOVES dogs


She’ll always lend you clothes

An upcoming formal event and nothing to wear? Not to worry, The Fiat 500 girl already has five outfits and bags to match them, waiting for you in her wardrobe.

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She’s named her car Milo and casually refers to it as though it’s a living, breathing thing

Having a cute dog at home isn’t enough for her. No, she’ll treat her car like one too.

She’ll buy loads of accessories for her car, to hide her terrible driving skills


She can get away with smashing someone’s wing mirror because she bought those cute eyelashes for her headlights. Besides, parallel parking is impossible when you’ve got a massive driveway at home.

Oh and she definetely has a puffy car keyring and dangling fluffy dice.

She knows everything about Insta and you can always rely on an instant like from her

It’s almost scary how much a Fiat 500 girl knows about Insta. She’s aware of exactly the right time to post to get maximum likes. She has the unfollower tracker app, because that follow to follower ratio is everything. And she’ll edit her photos on Facetune, whitening her teeth and smoothing out her perfectly tanned skin, when they clearly don’t need editing.

She’ll find any excuse to drive her Fiat 500

Whether it’s because she’s a really good friend or just wants to show off her car, this girl will give you lifts everywhere. And every single time you crave a McDonalds, she’ll take you to the drive-thru, without getting anything for herself.

What can a girl do when she just loves her car too much? Hell, she’ll even drive to the gym when it’s a five minute walk from her home.

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She’s the type of girl to post inspirational quotes about everything and share animal videos

Her life motto is Live, Love, Laugh and if she’s at uni, she probably studying Psychology.

Everyone knows she’s going through a rough patch with her boyfriend when there’s an elusive “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” post.

You can always rely on her to give you the best advice, because she’s learned those cliché inspirational quotes she sees on Insta and Twitter, off by heart.

All in all, she’s the most reliable friend you’ll ever have

– If you’re going through a break up, she’s the first person who’ll drive to you with ice-cream and snacks in the boot (mainly because she can drive to you in her Fiat 500)

– She’ll also like your photo a second after it’s posted, because she’s got her notifications on for your posts.

– She’ll always have the goss on everyone and fill you in on any drama you’ve missed

– She’s the designated driver to everything and she loves it

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If she meets someone else with a Fiat 500, it’s an instant bond

It’s like they just get each other, because believe it or not all Fiat 500 girls are part of a secret sisterhood.