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The best dressed of Fight Night 2018

Oooh you sexy bunch

One of the best nights in Cardiff’s social calendar returned last night, showcasing 16 of the best fighters from Cardiff’s universities as they battled it out to become champion.

It promised to be a night filled with glitz, glamour and lots of booze, and it definitely lived up to its expectations.

Here's our best dressed list, representing some of Cardiff's most glamorous ladies hoping to beat each other to the punch.

Laura Bennett – we all wish we looked this good in a playsuit

Amy Parker, Rachel, Chloe and Isabel – bringing the glamour to fight night

Gwenno, Paige, Rachel, Ellie and Daisy – I want to know where all of your dresses are from!

Millie Jackson – so much class in one photo

Tara Bowen – a knockout outfit…. I want this dress!

Ellie – 10/10 for colour coordination

Caitlin Lane – teach me how to pose

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Frances and Daisy – how to pose with your friend 101

Izzy and Hedda – giving us all the festive vibes

Kate, Immy and Rona – making the classic halls photo much classier

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Cannot wait for next year's event, just to see all the outfits…