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Cardiff students warned over virus email in circulation

Accounts are being blocked to stop the spread of the virus

Cardiff University have issued a statement warning students about a virus email that is circulating among university accounts.

Several emails were sent to students yesterday warning them about the emails and advising students to call the IT Helpdesk if they clicked on the link in the email.

If a student clicks on the link in the phishing email, their account is compromised.

Cardiff University have said they will block any accounts which could have the virus to prevent it spreading further.

This morning, a further email was sent to students updating them on the situation.

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Full statement from the University

Due to the sheer amount of calls the uni is receiving, there is a backlog of requests to unblock accounts.

If your account has been blocked, direct your calls to the IT centre, change your password and complete a full virus scan. The number for the IT centre is 029 22511111.