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Cardiff students warned over virus email in circulation

Accounts are being blocked to stop the spread of the virus

UEA’s most eligible bachelorette 2018: THE FINAL

Bring on the girls

Here are this year’s best dressed from Pimp My Barrow

The group dressed as Fortnite is my personal fave

Nominations are now open for UEA’s BNOC of the Year 2018

It’s back!!!

UEA’s most eligible bachelor 2018: Round Three

And you thought we’d forgotten

UEA have announced how they’ll spend the strike money

The decisions were made after an online survey and open meeting with the Vice-Chancellor

There’s a new coffee station in the Library

Shut up and take my money!!!!!

How to enjoy Norwich when the sun is out


Pimp My Barrow is actually changing this year

Nope, this one isn’t April Fools…

Pimp My Barrow has banned wheelbarrows from this year’s event over safety concerns

Wheelbarrows will no longer be allowed at the event

UEA’s most eligible Bachelorette 2018: Round Three

Giiiiirls just wanna have fuuuuun

Norwich church opens its doors to the homeless during extreme weather

St Peter Mancroft Church has become a safe place for those who would otherwise be sleeping in the snow

UEA’s most eligible Bachelor 2018: Round Two

There’s more!

All buses to UEA have been cancelled

First the strikes and now this!!

UEA’s most eligible Bachelorette: Round Two

Girls just wanna have fuuuun

UEA’s Pole Fitness are completing a 24-hour pole-a-thon

24 hours!!! Of pole dancing!!!

UEA’s most eligible bachelor 2018: Round One

Bring on the boys!!!

UEA’s most eligible bachelorette 2018: Round One

Here come the girls

Nominations for UEA’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2018 are now open

Let’s find some fitties

Four fire engines called to remove a chemical package found at Chancellors Drive

The Elizabeth Fry building was evacuated

Apparently, someone has a £429,496 fine from the library

Better be extending your overdraft ASAP

UEA lecturers are going on strike

It could affect teaching for up to a month

UEA has started doing Meat Free Monday

It offers yummy environmentally friendly food at discounted prices

Graduation will be held at Carrow Road this year

This is very exciting

There are doggos coming to the library

Stay calm….

Fuck tall History boy, everyone wants to take short English Literature girl on a date now

The plot thickens…

Tall History boy has parred off short English Literature girl and we are livid

He still wants to meet for a coffee… AS FRIENDS

Tall History boy and short English Lit girl: The true tale of a confessions page romance

A love story greater than Romeo and Juliet…

Every picture you’ll see on a UEA student’s Instagram

Square, lake, rabbit, repeat…

Everything you need to know about clubbing in Norwich

The definitive guide

Gemma Collins is coming to Norwich

Everybody stay calm

UEA student writes racist Facebook post calling black people ‘violent’ because he was bored

He’s now being investigated by the uni

Exclusive: Hundreds of academic advisors at UEA haven’t completed compulsory training

Out of 1000 advisors less than 200 have completed it

Things all UEA students do that are actually really, really odd

What do you mean I shouldn’t chase the bunnies?

‘I assumed I’d died’: What it’s like taking the hallucinogenic DMT

Most people feel like they’re in a tunnel

An investigation into FOMO: the social condition ruining lives

Nearly three-quarters of young adults have FOMO

This is what every member of Blazin’ Squad is doing with their life right now

One of them is a window fitter

Love Island’s Chris and Kem are coming to Norwich

Petition for a rap?

An easy way to get rid of all the stuff you don’t want anymore

‘Don’t be a wasteman’ set up to help the Norwich homeless

There’s a website that will tell you how MPs have voted in the past


UEA rises into the top 20 UK universities

They must have been impressed by this year’s PMB turnout

Being a lifeguard is nothing like Baywatch

Don’t you DARE call me The Hoff

We ranked the VK flavours like true alcopop connoisseurs, but sober

They would probably taste better after a 70cl

Clubbers of the Week

You were all out in force for the week of Valentine’s Day

I’m sorry, but I just don’t ‘get’ the LCR

It’s cheap, but it’s shit

We asked people why they attended the Trump protest in Norwich

Hundreds of people showed up outside city hall last night

The Queen came to UEA yesterday and it was a massive anti-climax

We didn’t even get to see her little hand wave

ShakeAway are opening a milkshake bar in Norwich

Blast that bueno in your blender and take my money

Someone was attacked with a knife behind UEA Monday night

Students are reminded to stay safe when walking to and from campus in the dark

Everything you learn in your first semester of second year

What a rollercoaster it’s been

Every type of person you’ll meet at UEA

Guaranteed you know these people

Master Chef is the best kebab shop in Norwich

You don’t need Greg or John to eat this food to know that these are some great cooks