Cardiff University lecturers could be striking again this term

Along with lecturers from 146 other universities nationwide

In news broken exclusively by The Tab, the University and College Union (UCU) announced that universities will be voting this month over whether or not to strike in the upcoming term after staff have expressed the feeling that they are getting a 'raw deal' from their employers.

UCU have announced the launch of a second wave of their campaign for 'better pay and better jobs in FE', and many branches of the union are now taking up issues like pay, workload and job security directly within college management.

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Cardiff University lecturers took part in strikes earlier this year

Lecturers and the UCU are expressing dissatisfaction with the deal given to them by employers, as this years recommended one percent pay rise has failed to be implemented in over forty percent of colleges.

Cardiff lecturers belonging to the UCU will be able to cast their ballots on the 30th of August up until the 19th of October, deciding whether the university will experience yet more strikes in the upcoming year.

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Cardiff students endured weeks of strikes in the past academic year which affected both revision and exam periods, however lecturers have been advised to vote yes to strike action by the UCU.

There will be further updates to follow on this matter.