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Cardiff’s only cat cafe has closed down

Don’t worry, the cats are being rehomed

Cardiff's cat cafe, Feline Good, has closed down due to "unforeseen extenuating circumstances".

The cafe, which was situated on Meridian Court in Cardiff, has been serving afternoon tea, food, drinks and cakes to cat lovers since July 2017.

In a statement issued on their website the business said that "It is with heavy hearts" that they announce that :"Feline Good is now closed with immediate effect".

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Some of the cats inside Feline Good

Feline Good was Wales' first ever cat cafe, situated just 10 minutes from Taly. It entertained customers with the company of a host of adorable cats whilst dining.

All the cats in the cafe were rescue animals, on hand for guests to cuddle and play with. Their website now says that "three of the cats are already in their permanent homes", whilst the rest are happily on foster at home together.

Customers were encouraged to play with the cats

Feline Good ask customers to remember "the wonderful happy times" that they have shared at the cafe, and hope that eventually their webpage may be used to 'assist in providing any remaining resident cats a permanent home'.