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Which Love Island cast member is your Cardiff Uni Halls?

Peak if you’re Muggy Megan

We're back again, you know the drill.

Love Island has been back on our TVs for just three weeks but of course the show is currently dominating our lives. So much so, that it may have left you wondering which Love Island cast member your Cardiff Uni Halls would be. Because the villa personalities 100 per cent reflect the classic Cardiff Halls' characteristics.

Adam – Talybont Court

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Adam is minted and wants everyone to know it. He's also a major fuckboy and proud. With a photoshop body, a non-existent personality and a sexual history that means a trip to the clinic the next morning, Adam is the guy that turns those fresh-faced girls of Court into the quiet, heart broken sobbers you hear in the courtyard at 3am.

There’s no doubt about it. Lads like Adam are seen in the courtyard every fifteen minutes with a cig in one hand and a protein shake in the other, as they fill in the lads about their £300 blow out on VKs and the number of fit gals they've pulled.

Dani – Talybont South

Loving Dani is something that can't be helped. She's a daddy's girl and she's been put into the Fresher haven of Taly South. She's the kind of girl that would have found her uni boyfriend during Freshers' Week and settled down straight away; not settling for the best looking Halls, but the decent, homely one.

Dani will be on the phone to her parents most nights saying she won't do anything they wouldn't be proud of, but you all know she's a riot when she gets on the voddy.

Jack – Talybont North

When finding out that Jack lives in North, it's natural to think he's a bit of a reject – having been unsuccessful with getting into any of the better Talys. But as you begin to get to know him, you realise he is a nice guy and the ultimate Quids In buddy. He's Taly South's loveable neighbour and will always be down for a late night Maccies and deep convo about pens.

Rosie – Talybont Gate

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Rosie is a serious girl. She's here to get her degree and secure that grad job she's had her eye on since she was sixteen. Of course though, she'd throw that all away for a bit of dick when she's stuck in the reclusive Taly Gate.

When you meet her, you think she's a Taly Court girl. That's before she asks if you need a lift and fetches her Audi R8.

Eyal – Senghennydd Court

The inevitable rat infestation has become quite the staple for 'The Ghetto', but #goodvibesonly lad Eyal could even make that a spiritual experience.

Eyal is the man of Senghennydd, content in living in his own filth and calling it an earthly gift to appease the stars. The ultimate gap yah boy, Eyal doesn't believe in any form of hygiene that doesn't involve the maintenance of his curly locks and you can bet that he has a comfortable colony of vermin chilling in his room.

The bugs are friends, man, I just wanna get to know them…

Georgia – Colum Hall

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Georgia's loud, always up for anything and the generally the girl that wants everyone's undivided attention for her next 'crazy' stunt. Being on the loudest road of Cathays is perfect for Georgia, she blends right in with the honking cars- but suprisingly isn't the most annoying person.

Megan – Aberconway Hall

With just sixty-nine occupants and three-flatmate flat shares, everybody knows everybody's business here, which is perfect for someone who can't keep much quiet like Megan. That morning after in the kitchen with Eyal and Alex would deffo be awkward af.

Samira – Aberdare Hall

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Samira is the girl's girl of Aberdare. She loves her girl time and being catered to. Don't expect her to turn up the Lash though, she's known for dropping out last minute. You deffo won't find her hooking up with any Rugby Medics.

Wes – Roy Jenkins

A regular victim of robbery, Wes' relationship with Laura crumbled before our eyes, just like the groggy Roy Jenkins building would if too many tried to hook up inside it. Roy Jenkins and Aberconway Halls are pretty small so it's no wonder everyone hears about the Meg and Wes' of the world getting together.

Laura – Hodge Hall

Is she 29? Is she 31? Is she 50? Who fucking knows.

Laura is the epitome of the post-grad Hodge Hall dweller. Whilst a genuinely lovely girl, she is desperately clinging onto her youth with regular trips to Woody with her fake ID claiming she’s 20 with a guy who is actually 20 in her sights.

Niall – Cartwright Court

The home of the insurance choices, Cartwright is an irrelevant halls – much like Niall's time on the show. You remember being best buds with him during Freshers' Week, before he dropped off the face of the earth with no word from him since.

Hayley – Liberty Halls

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With straight EEEs across the board, Hayley is the girl who would end up in Liberty. Her mum had to talk to clearance because she didn’t know she hadn’t passed and indeed, was not going to Swansea. Oh well, USW will fit her just as well.

Alex – University Halls

Alex is the hunky Heath Fresher that you've been trying to *accidentally* bump into every Lash Wednesday. Tall, lovely and absolutely the kind of guy who would look out for you, Alex is everything you want in a uni boyfriend. Except he lives in Uni Halls and that is just too much effort for a night with Dr Love.

Maybe I'll just stick with Adam from Court.