Clubbers of the Week: Varsity Edition

Everyone’s fucking hammered

Last week the Varsity shield returned to its rightful home as we smashed Swansea. The day drinking ran into the night and here's the evidence (red shirts everywhaaarrr)

Shoes off…

Longest arms of the week

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That's quite the wingspan

Someone wants to go home

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Maybe he just hates fun?

Did we just witness a betrayal?

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Wonder what she did…

Cool kids of the week

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All the girls say I'm pretty fly for a white guy

Cool hat bro

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This is how all the kids them now

Now this is how you pull off a hat

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Rocking that bucket hat babe, you do you

Fucking hell we've got a biter

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I think she might need saving

John Lennon made an appearance

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Seriously tho, does she know she's inside?

VK heaven

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Squad squad squad

This ray of sunshine – Cheer up mate we did win ya know

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Maybe he's a disappointed third wheel

Some people just cant drink without linking arms- its a dependency thing

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*This will look so classic when the pics go up* bit tragic really

Ever been so gone you tried to steal your mates hair?

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bucket hat makes another appearance

"Swansea" *Laughter Ensues*

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Dude in the back looks like he's having a shit

Floating head of the week

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When you're not included in the pic so you become a meerkat

This guy has had a heavy celebration by the look of it

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She doesn't even go here

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Hun where's your red shirt?

One Shaun of the dead looking bloke

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You've got red on you

The latest dance craze- asking a question in a seminar

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Cheer up babe

Height difference of the week

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VK's don't discriminate against height

Tracy beaker celebrating the win

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Believe me now I will win someday

Peace out man its not about the win, its the taking part

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Until next year varsity clubbers