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Stop everything and feast your eyes on these crazy clubbers of the week

How else would you spend your Sunday than looking at these gems?

Another instalment of the legendary Clubbers of the Week

Here’s this week’s prime selection

Prepare yourselves; it’s time for the Cardiff BNOC of the year final 2018

Who will you crown the victor?

It’s time for heat two of Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2018

Let’s reveal the next four glorious nominees…

Clubbers of the Week: Varsity Edition

Everyone’s fucking hammered

This is everything you need on your basic bitch Insta before you leave Cardiff

We’re all a little bit basic guys

Just face it, if you go to the library at 9am you’re officially a psychopath

You probably have your student card on a lanyard don’t you?

Strike update: A referendum petition is being proposed to help resolve the strikes

This could make a real difference

Prepare yourself for the alternative “nerd” Varsity

If you watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’ you can’t come

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are coming to Wales (unfortunately it’s Swansea)

Get on Ticketmaster now my friends

All the weird things you’ve picked up from your first term at Cardiff you’ll have to hide from your mates at home

The ‘Diff is strong with this one

Cardiff is having its own festival dedicated to burgers

Calling all large sandwich enthusiasts