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There’s going to be alternate varsity on Wednesday just like an old school sports day

Events include sack race, welly throw and a tug of war

As Varsity approaches, many people were left hugely disappointed when they were told they did not have entrance to Sketty Lane and would have to catch a bus before 8am or after 4pm.

Joe Dennis said "This pretty much ruined the whole varsity and the only alternative was to go to Swansea beach or do something in Cardiff instead. Everyone loves a primary school sprots day, so we thought we might get decent numbers if we set one up in Pontcanna."

The event ,which was set up earlier this week, already has over 600 people interested in attending. There is an itinerary from 10am till 2:30pm with 10 events with various primary school sprots including hurdles and an egg and spoon race.

Attendance at the event is free and eight teams of 10-20 people are needed so if you fancy getting involved then send over an email to [email protected]

I know where I'll be on Wednesday…