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Cardiff University students elect first female Muslim SU President

Fadhila Al-Dhahouri makes history after being elected as the first female Muslim president of Cardiff University’s Students’ Union

The race for Cardiff Uni SU's student elections conclude with a historic win as 2018/19 President-elect Fadhila Al-Dhahouri wins by 166 votes.

After earning the title as Cardiff Uni SU's first female Muslim Vice President Education last year, Al-Dhahouri breaks barriers for many students that feel underrepresented in their Students Union.

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Candidates only had one week to campaign

"As the first female Muslim and first international student President, I feel immensely proud and grateful for this achievement. We have opened new doors for students who are international and from minorities." Al-Dhahouri says.

Al-Dhahouri hopes her win will inspire more students from minority backgrounds to step up and feel confident in becoming leaders.

"I feel this is a massive step towards a new era and future for Cardiff University students…no matter where you come from, anyone can make an impact. I stand for a bold, transformative and inclusive union for all. I heard you! Let's make this happen!" Al-Dhahouri says before leaving to celebrate her victory with fellow elected vice presidents.

Student elections can certainly be stressful, from the marketing to outreach management and almost losing your voice after endless lecture shoutouts throughout the day.

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"Marketing Fadhila's campaign was a success because everyone got involved. From videos, to memes and banners it was both a fun and stressful time for us all. Fadhila being elected as a female Muslim president was not easy, but the results have shown us otherwise and the students have spoken." Ashfath, marketing manager for Al-Dhahouri's campaign explains.

The election results ceremony had their fair share of emotional speeches.

"I believed in myself, because everyone believed in me – I had so many panic attacks, so many moments where I felt down, but the commitment and passion from my team and all those who supported me have brought me here today." Al-Dhahouri concludes in her winning speech.

All the elected candidates will take up their positions in July 2018.