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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor : Round 3

The end is near

In the last batch of boys we have the competition of the cultured with an ex Nandos worker and a Lash Lover who are both multilingual as well as an OAP of Cathays who just can't get enough of Cardiff. Vote at the end of the article!

Sam d'Souza, 5th year Business Management with French

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Sam is very cultured having been born in Canada, living there for some of his childhood and also living in Paris for one year. He also has dual nationality (Canadian and Swiss), is multilingual as he can speak fluent French and "adequate" German.

Sam is an ex-Nando's worker but still gets the discount which he's more than happy to use on a cheeky Nando's date.

He has attempted to watch Moana several times after a night out so he is looking for a girl to keep him awake and watch it with him.

Sam was nominated by his friends because he really needs some help with girls because when he gets drunk he panics if girls give him attention, and he ends up running away or shouting at them.

Francisco Duarte Nogueira Matias Fernandes Da Silva, 2nd year Biomedical Science

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His friends have told me to call this guy Nigel. So here we have Nigel, a clever boy with good prospects.

He lays for the medics football first team and loves the Lash – work hard play hard is his motto.

Nigel's fave flavour of VK is orange and being the gentleman he is, would never throw an empty bottle from a balcony.

After a night out, you're most likely to find him in Mama's Kebabs. Nigel is an international student from Iceland but is actually Portuguese. He can speak three (maybe four) different languages – English, Portuguese and Icelandic so obviously very cultured.

Daniel Heard, 4th year Broadcast Journalism

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JOMEC graduate Dan couldn't get enough of Cardiff and has decided to stay here for another year to do an MA in Broadcast Journalism.

This means another (academic) year of opportunity to break the ladies of Cathays' hearts.

An avid football fan, Dan wants a woman to take with him to Cardiff City games and enjoy pints with. Snap him up before he's a famous newsreader!!

You know the drill by now. Vote below!