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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette: Round two

Even more girls

Round two of the girls has not disappointed. Here we have an LA diva, an all rounder who even goes to the gym and finally the Queen of Fancy Dress who also has an annual membership for JUICE.

Lily Prothero, 3rd year Psychology and Criminology

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Lily is currently sunning it up on a term abroad in LA, but can’t wait to be back in the ‘Diff. Who gets a term abroad in LA ?? At a mere 5’2 (and a half) she likes her men equally stunted, but buy her chocolate milkshakes and chips and she’ll love you forever. Lily's talents include her one pan full English and never understanding the joke.

Francesca Wilson, 1st year Occupational Therapy

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Francesca is always up for a laugh but also works her arse off with extra volunteer work and gyming. She's got a fit face with the boobs to match! It's not wonder she has half of Cardiff's males pining after her.

Kat Buck, final year French and German

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If you need a girl who knows how to laugh at herself and doesn’t take things too seriously, look no further. Kat is an avid lover of fancy dress and is one of just 25 students to hold the presitigous yearly mebership to JUICE. Kat is the brains and the beauty meaning she can talk dirty to you in French, German and English oo la laaa.

If you don’t see her in the Taf behind the bar pulling your pints, she will be throwing some shapes on Y Plas dancefloor every Wednesday and Saturday nights and even knows the full YOLO playlist by heart. (She also owns her own ‘The Lash’ vest – rip Wednesdays at the SU before 2014)

Underneath the costumes is a girl with a heart of gold who will always keep you smiling (especially if you play rugby!)

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Some of Kat's finer costumes

I know who my favourite is, vote for yours below