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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor: Round One

Now for the boys


Here we are with the first three nominations from finest bachelors Cardiff has to offer. A billboard feature, a sports coaching student and an Architecture whose best line involves concrete…

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Jordan Martin, Third year City and Regional Planning

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Jordan is the President of Cplan. Need I say more? His mates say he is real popular lad who has just been unlucky in love. He even has his own billboard in Cardiff, can he be more eligible?

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The famous billboard

But an ad on a van isn't enough for the J-man, and luckily his good friends have nominated for Cardiff's most eligible bachelor. If he takes your top pick vote below.

Tom Delaney, First year Sports Coaching

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According to his friend, Tom is just an overall nice and fun guy with a great personality. Tom is surprisingly good at pulling on a night out (his friend's words), he lost his virginity at 19 and is great to be around. And as shown by the picture, not only does he have a heart of gold, but it shines through to his forehead. Naww.

Paolo Talò, Third year Architecture

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During the year, if not reading the feminist manifesto or saving vagabond puppies, you'll find this "Italian stallion" at the lash trying out his favourite pick up line "Do you mix concrete for a living? Cause you're making me hard." This true gentleman will take you out on a first date for a cheeky nandos and then straight back to illustrate you on his feminist idealisms… What a catch!

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