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Get your ass down to Cathays Lidl-they’re doing Black Friday

All your essential needs under one roof

2017 has been a year of innovation and excitement, and to top it off, Lidl are treating us to some unmissable Black Friday discounts- available nationwide from today (23rd November).

Who in Cathay's would dare miss these major discounts? If you're tempted, get to Maindy Road and you could get your hands on some great quality items for a small price, such as…


When the inevitable happens and your smashed phone finally gives up and dies after being dropped one too many times on a night out, Lidl has your back. Student loans only stretch so far and a new phone has always been an unjustified expense, but that all ends now. With an alarm, torch and a battery life of 160 hours, this will be the best £8.99 you'll ever spend.

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Retro is coming back in, right?


These are definitely a necessity- especially now the nights are cold and bed is calling. There is an enormous selection to choose from, including 892 minutes of David Attenborough's dulcet tones- perfect for those hungover days when you need a soothing voice.

For the more intellectual amongst you, there is also 'Dad's Army: The Complete Collection' which allows you to waste 39 hours whilst feeling a sense of satisfaction because you're 'learning something'.

All these options for only £12.99- a complete steal (you could probably find these online for free, but hey, less effort).

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So much choice


Weighing almost seven kilograms, this will fit perfectly on your single shelf of the communal fridge and will be the envy of all your housemates. Whilst they're eating peas and pasta for the fourth time in a week, you can dine on the finest meat you have ever tasted. At Marks and Spencer a tiny two kilogram leg would set you back £36. But at good old Lidl, you get more than three times the amount of meat for £29.99

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What a bargain


You know the rule to buying wine, get the cheapest bottle with the highest alcohol percentage. At £2.99 for a good 13 per cent bottle, this may well be the best deal in Cathays.

As deadlines loom and student loans run out, at least you can pre-drink well on this fine wine, and have a good night out.

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The best excuse for day drinking


Just in time for cuffing season, this is perfect for trying to convince people you're casually seeing, that you're ready to get serious. The results are impressive and no one will ever know how much you were on the phone to your mum asking for tips. With 70 per cent off, think of the money you can save, to buy your new partner a Christmas present. After this meal, there's no way you won't make it official.

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Even the most amateur chef can seem like a pro with this in the kitchen


As more and more of your flatmates start going to the gym every day and getting their lives together, your routine of getting up at 12 and starting your day with a coffee and a cig starts to seem a bit lazy. Trick everyone into thinking you're healthy by starting your day with a smoothie. Lidl has reduced blenders to £14.99, and considering how inexpensive Lidl's frozen fruit selection is, it works out so much cheaper than joining the gym. Plus you don't even have to leave your house!

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Perfect for upping your insta game

If you're considering hitting the Black Friday sales at Lidl, prepare for queues even longer than the River Taf, and fingers crossed, they don't run out of bags again.