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What type of uni relationship are you actually in?

Being the virgin sucks

Labels on relationships are pretty annoying. People at uni won't even consider updating their relationship status on Facebook unless they're getting married. Instead, they'll give you a weirdly specific phrase to describe the state of their love life.

Uni relationships seem way too complicated. Nonetheless, after thorough investigation we have uncovered what the actual types of uni relationship are.

The basic hoe/the man whore

New night, new beau. These guys and gals get ready for a night out with a mission to pull. Some even take an overnight bag to the club knowing they're not sleeping in their own beds that night- if they do, their mission has failed. Free condoms from the Freshers' Fair at the SU? Yes please.

They're probs also on a first name basis with the nurses at the sexual health clinic.

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Packing your bag for the night

In a proper relationship at uni

Everyone probably hates them. They'll say it's cute but really they'll hate every second of it. They live at each others' places and it drives everyone mad. For the ones in the relationship though, it's pretty perfect. They're the lucky ones.

The Tinder slut

Do they even look at the bios? As long as the person they match with is within walking distance, they're keen. After all, the Tinder slut isn't looking for the love their life, they're just looking for a one off hook up-and that's ok. Have fun, be free. Embrace the technological advancements that allow you to meet new sex buddies from the comfort of your own home. You couldn't have done this 20 years ago, so count yourself lucky.

Right, right, right, super-like, right, right, right…

The rebound

Maybe there was a Freshers' Week fling that meant more to one person than the other, or maybe there was a messy break up with a significant other from sixth form. Regardless, they're on the rebound.

This doesn't mean they just go out and have lots of meaningless sex. They may want to do this, but maybe they're ready for another committed relationship. Be strong and move on with your life, or just get Tinder and become a Tinder slut.

The 'I had a summer fling and now it's just awkward'

Whether it was a summer camp romance or a new relationship sparked with someone from home, it's now back to uni and things are weird. Is it just assumed that it's over? Are you both meant to go through all possible means of maintaining a relationship? Or, god forbid, do you need to have 'the talk'?

It's not too bad when you're both on the same page, but if one person is keen and the other isn't… then what? Well, I suppose they could just live life as if they're single and the 'partner' would never know.

Yeah… good luck with that one.

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In a long-term long-distance relationship

Yes, Skype sex is a thing. Long term relationships really suck, because both parties probably realise they love each other and can't imagine being with someone else. They now have the duration of their degrees to wait painfully until they can move in with each other and start their lives together. It's not all bad though, having a few years to live your own life is an invaluable experience.

The virgin

For whatever reason, they still have their v-plates. That's OK. Stay calm. Life can really suck when you want to get laid but don't want a one night stand and can't magic up a long-term partner. And the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. While all your friends are getting down and dirty, you're there sipping your Virgin Colada.

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Dreaming of the day you lose your V


Whether they were friends before and then had a spicy night or they just got together and somehow became friends with benefits, it's now a thing. The sooner they accept that, the better. Casual sex can be beneficial for all. The sex can be great, and it's not too awkward because you're pals, and there's no strings- thank god. It's a pretty sweet deal until someone does get attached though.

Wherever you fit in, just enjoy being young, sexy and free.