Cardiff’s best smoking area: Vote now

Can I pinch a fag?

Smoker or not, the smoking area is the safe haven we all need after too many VK's. Stealing lighters and shit talking, there's plenty of places to do it in Cardiff but where is the best place to do it?


Glam's smoking area has the ideal seating arrangements for the whole squad to have a cigarette and still be able to chat and that's before mentioning its on the ROOF TOP. A perfect distance away from the cheese music you can actually speak to all those long lost friends you promise to meet up with this term and it's on the ROOF TOP.

Live Lounge

After you've squeezed out into the smoking area you're forced to light up staring at the wedding dress shop next door. Girls can get through a few ciggies here whilst meticulously planning the happiest day of their life. You'll see the boys avoiding eye-contact and rushing back in to the sound of Mr Brightside.

The SU

Congratulations on making it out here through the sea of socials and rowdy freshers. It's probably impossible to have a cigarette in here without bumping into someone, most likely those people on your course, who will bum a cigarette off you and never speak to you again.


Admittedly, a very small smoking area but the best place to be if you're in need of a filter or two. Everyone is desperate to not be pushed against the railing any longer they need to smoke ASAP. Failing that, you can stare longingly at those enjoying a cigarette in the safety of Steinbeck & Shaw's seated smoking area.


Because there is nothing like smoking whilst sitting on the curb, most likely in the rain, staring back at the very building that is destroying every bit of self respect you have.


Soda's smokers recently underwent a makeover and it's miles away from it's neighbour, Retro's "smoking area". It's apparently a "Marbella" themed rooftop area, which sounds dead swanky but the white paint is starting to peel and the Grey Goose logos which is plastered on everything is starting to fade. Nevertheless it is probably one of the best ones we have in Cardiff, as it has seating, and the (somewhat uneccesary) umbrellas can be used as shelter from the inevitable rainy weather of the 'Diff.


Are you allowed to smoke in that weird inside bit with a ping pong table, who knows? If you can grab a spot by the massive heaters then you're golden, otherwise you'll just find yourself apologising to everyone who walks past trying to get upstairs for ashing on them. It's a bit small, and always crowded, but it's pretty cute and the fairylights (kinda) make up for it.

Clwb Ifor Bach

If you like the prison aesthetic then this is the smoking area for you. If you like your cigarettes smoked down a dark alleyway with minimal lighting and nowhere to sit I couldn't think of anything better.


After sweating like an animal upstairs, there's nothing more refreshing than hitting ice cold air and sitting down on a giant bench alongside your mates, rolling an amber leaf ciggy. For those of you feeling a bit too waved, theres a lovely heated sofa area right at the end, where you can lay down and contemplate every decision you’ve made which led to you being here in this precise moment. You’re even sorted if it rains, as they have the biggest umbrellas seen to man to cover the entirety of smokers.

Heated sofa area = bae

Heated sofa area = bae

Talybont South Courtyard

Can't we all be freshers with a first time smoking habit again?

Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of

Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of

So take your pick, which one is the best area for lighting up your ciggies in? Vote below