Posters with swastikas and beheadings have been found around Cathays

One says ‘death to traitors’

Nationalist and far-right posters have been found around Cathays, including posters with a swastika and one with a decapitated woman.

This poster, placed on Senghenydd Road, has a decapitated head on a sword, accompanied by the words "Death to Traitors" and "Freedom for Britain"

A second poster, on a bin, depicted a swastika inside a mushroom cloud, with the words "You can ban a group, you can ban a symbol" and "but you cannot ban an idea, we are a threat to your democracy and you are making us stronger".

Both posters have since been removed.

Sadiyah Ahmed, a second year studying History and Politics, found the posters deeply unsettling. She toldThe Tab Cardiff the posters made her feel unsafe knowing there are people living in the area who hold these views.

"As a visible Muslim, Islamaphobia was always a fear of mine when moving out so seeing proof of intolerance and far right extremism is particularly scary in terms of my safety", she said.

Student society Cardiff STAR (Student Action For Refugees) and charity Hope not Hate are covering the remains of the hateful posters with 'hopeful' ones, and they state that the best response to these discriminatory posters is to take them down.