Nearly 3000 crimes were committed in Cathays in four months

Violence and Sexual offences were one of the most common crimes

According to Police UK, over 600 crimes are committed each month both in Cathays and Cardiff Central, as between January and April of this year 2888 crimes have already been reported.

[infogram id=”crimes_committed_in_2017″ prefix=”17T” format=”interactive” title=”Crimes committed in 2017″]

Antisocial behaviour is the most frequently reported type of crime this year so far, which is define by South Wales Police as any action that has the potential to cause harm to an individual, community, or environment.

Violence and sexual offences closely followed antisocial behaviour as the next most common crime committed in the two areas.

Similar crime patterns were found in results from year 2016, highlighting that more needs to be done to address these offences across the two main student areas of the capital.

[infogram id=”crimes_committed_in_2016″ prefix=”dGl” format=”interactive” title=”Crimes committed in 2016″]

Despite high levels of crime however, there has been an overall 12.5 per cent decrease in criminal activity in the Cathays and central area since 2011.

[infogram id=”number_of_crimes_reported_between_2011_and_2016″ prefix=”Pln” format=”interactive” title=”Number of crimes reported between 2011 and 2016″]

Being an area majority of students will call their second home, South Wales police feel that students in particular are the cause as well as victim of high levels of crime. A member of South Wales Police told The Tab Cardiff:

“The Cathays area has an extremely high student population and as such there is increased risk of certain crime types but there is a lot of focus on the student population to try and reduce risk and vulnerability, including USAFE, Club Crew, TALK, and Student Volunteers.”

South Wales police added that their plans and priorities for tackling crime within these areas include having better communication with the public, spending money more effectively to protect both policing and the citizen, and continue focusing on the prevention of anti-social behaviour.

“We also work with students during freshers week and around half term/term end etc to raise awareness of keeping valuables secure. We have a specific student social media account (Twitter) for Cardiff through which to communicate items” South Wales Police added.

There is more information and live updates from South Wales Police on both their Cardiff student oriented Twitter page, and the South Wales Police Twitter.