Every reason why cheating on your partner can make your relationship stronger

Respect that it’s a personal decision between a couple

Cheating.  It seems that even now cheating is still quite a taboo subject, but is that because it affects so many people? It’s easy to say that the majority of people I know have been involved with cheating somehow, from being the one who has been cheated on to being the one who they are cheating with. It seems there is no escaping this sensitive topic.

For most people there is no question about it, if someone cheats that’s the end.

There is a lot of negative stigma attached but also a lot of judgement put on someone who stays with someone who has cheated.

Cheating doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship and can in fact make it stronger. Before you jump down my throat, no, I am not encouraging it or suggesting that you cheat on your partner in order to make a relationship stronger, but believe within the right contexts a relationship is worth a second chance.

There are a lot of reasons why cheating can make a relationship stronger.

It makes communication better

Dealing with a situation such as cheating is between the two people in a relationship.  Sadly, normally half the world think they can get involved and suddenly have an opinion on someone once they have cheated. Respect the privacy and decisions that are made between couples and shouldn’t be so quick to judge a relationship based on mistakes or the past.

Dealing with such an emotional situation or mistake means that a couple have to communicate really tricky feelings and become vulnerable to the other in order to be able to resolve it.  This means that if they come through the other side their communication with each other will be dramatically improved and therefore making their relationship stronger.

We all make mistakes

Whilst something like cheating isn’t something to be brushed off lightly, it is important to remember we all make mistakes and it’s important to look into the context of the situation. As a big believer in second chances, try to have a positive view of people, and while you need to be careful to not let people walk all over you, I think sometimes need to look for the good in someone and give them a chance or they will never grow.

Funnily enough, there is always more trust

It is well known that trust is a massive part of any relationship. Trust is delicate and takes work. There are little things harder then having to trust someone again once they have made a mistake such as cheating, but if you manage it, it will be stronger then any other trust as you are putting your whole self at risk of being hurt again and is a massive risk.

When my ex cheated on me and I stayed with him for 3 more years, I trusted him 100 percent and we had an incredible relationship. After we resolved things I never doubted him.

You gain way more perspective

When someone has cheated it makes you re-evaluate and question the whole relationship, and it can make someone realise how much they actually care or love someone. Our throw away and promiscuous culture means it can be quite hard to let your guard down in a relationship or to allow yourself to have deep feelings for someone. sometimes it can take something dramatic as cheating for someone to realise how much they love someone and how much of a mistake it was.

We also asked other people who had encountered cheating what they thought.

Emily, 19

My ex cheated on me and I didn’t even have to think about it, we ended right there and then when I found out.”

James, 22

‘The most important thing is that you both understand each other and regardless of what has happened in the past you trust that you are both working towards a future together and got total honesty.”

Mared, 20

Personally I feel if you stay with someone after they have cheated on you, you have no self respect.”

Leah, 20

“Cheating is always going to be bad, but it’s how we grow from it that matters, not the act itself. It shows people’s true colours. Whether that be a good or bad thing is dependent entirely on the couple.”

Imogen, 20

“After cheating and nearly losing my boyfriend over it it made me realise how much I actually do care about him and it’s made me a better girlfriend in the long run because I would never want to go through that risk of losing him again. Cheating shouldn’t always be a make or break factor, especially at this age when we aren’t married, aren’t partnered for life, we’re still young and having fun.”

These are just a few points, but as I said at the start each situation is personal and between a couple. We need to stop judging someone for staying with someone who has cheated or someone who has cheated especially when we don’t know the context of the situation. 

As someone who has been cheated on I sympathise what a horrible experience it can be and it’s not the right decision for every couple to stay together after such incident, but its an option that should be allowed to be consider without the judgment of others being a factor.