Female entrepreneurs contribute £23 million to Cardiff’s economy

And contribute £3.15 billion to the UK economy overall

According to research by NatWest, Cardiff’s women-led businesses boosted the economy by 23 million and helped to create an extra 900 jobs in 2015.

800 businesses in 2015 were set up by female entrepreneurs in Cardiff along with female-led newly founded companies contributing £118 million to the economy in 2015.

Overall, £31.5 billion was contributed to the UK economy by female entrepreneurs proving that female entrepreneurs are central to the UK’s economy.

However, the research showed that the proportion of the UK’s female working population starting a business has fallen every year since 2012, with the UK tailing behind countries like the USA and Canada.

Jessica Shipman, NatWest’s director of commercial banking for Cardiff, said: “We know entrepreneurs are vital to the Welsh economy and it’s fantastic to see just how much women contribute, but it’s clear we need to do more to power this growth in the same way our global counterparts do.”