Gareth Bale is opening a sports bar in Cardiff

Wales superstar has announced he’s opening a bar and grill in the heart of the city

With the UEFA Champions League Final on the horizon, a man who may very well feature in that game made a spectacular announcement this morning, on St David’s Day of all days.

Gareth Bale, the Wales and Real Madrid superstar, revealed on his Twitter page that his new sports bar, Elevens, will be opening in the middle of Cardiff this May.

Bale has been working alongside Brains, the most successful brewery in Wales, to make his dream of a family-friendly, social hangout a reality.

Seemingly not content with being one of the world’s most talented players, the heartbeat of the national side and a hero to thousands of young Welsh footballers, the Whitchurch-born winger will now add businessman to his CV.

Timing-wise, fans could well see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and of course, Gareth himself, celebrating in the comfort of a bar and grill that is sure to take the city by storm.

Failing that though, who knows, they might have to host another Vardy party… stranger things have happened, and this is definitely one of them!