Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: Introducing Amy Turner

She’s woken up in two different countries twice after an night out

The next nominee for the much coveted crown of Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher is none other than Amy Turner.

Put eloquently by a friend, she is “a drunk knob and should get an award for it.”

The University of South Wales Performance and Place student, who is now a second year, had an extremely eventful time as a fresher.

She is no stranger to a wild night out and has taken it several steps further after waking up in two different countries twice.

The crazy fresher blew her £2,000 overdraft on a flight for her and a friend and also headed on a megabus to London whilst phoning her boss to tell him she had the shits.



Many of us go wild on a night out but none take it so far as Amy, who has been in and out of A&E three times so far this year.

After having an allergic reaction to tonic from a stolen G & T, she ended up in hospital.

On a separate occasion, when raving in Walkabout, she burnt her best friend’s boyfriend’s eyeball with a cigarette.

Probably pre-hospital

She also willingly jumped into an ambulance outside Pryzm after she wet herself and, in a state of panic, was convinced she was dying.

After a night out, most of us turn up to lectures half asleep or may even skip them altogether. Amy however, turns up still drunk from the night before. She’s a fan of Soda Sundays and so spends Monday morning still pissed.

She’s not afraid to turn up looking like a right state; one time she forgot to wipe her lion fancy dress make up off and rocked up still wearing it.

She has even thrown up on a Liberty Bridge Security guard’s head at 8am out of her bedroom window. She still made it in for a 9am though in clothes from the night before.

All in all, Amy makes our own experience of first year seem pretty boring. She really does take being a fresher to another level altogether.

Give this girl a vote in our next heat if you think she’s worthy of snagging the crown for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher.