Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor: Heat four

Lads lads lads

Pick your favourite from our vast array of testosterone-fuelled man mountains.

Theo Jones


Theo is a lash loving third year studying Business. Privately educated at Marlborough college, the 22 year old is sure to take a lovely lady or two on a top class date. It might not last very long but it’s sure to be good fun. Being a member of the famous Cardiff University cricket club, you’re sure to find him lurking at side bar on a Wednesday night, VK in hand. Could you be holding his other hand?

Rahul Raichura


Having already taken Kenya by storm, this Kisumu based warrior is ready to conquer Wales. You can find this worldy making serious gains at the gym, or scouting the talent in and around the Optometry building. Being an adrenaline junkie, he loves spending his free time knitting and playing Scrabble. Rahul is a free spirit. He enjoys exploring nature, and getting naughty in it too (mostly in the bushes). He is the sort that carries his heart on his sleeve – so much so that you can see him wearing nothing more than a vest in the harshest of winters. An aspiring WWE wrestler, he already has all the birds tapped out by his charm. Rahul has four arms, and he can put them to good use.

Johnny Genin


Johnny is a second year Business student with a passion for Revs Tuesdays and girls in short dresses. Working towards his accounting and finance degree, he swapped the beers for books mid-way through first year. However when he does venture out of the library, he drinks nothing other than fruity cider and protein shakes. Gym first, Business second, girls third. Those who date Johnny know he has his mind set on his goals.

Johnny Davies


This 20 year old Economics and Finance Fresher (failed first year so retaking) enjoys chatting shit, sleeping, gyming twice a day and cooking. His talents include pulling birds – since his recent break up he’s supposedly not had a unsuccessful night – talking about himself and necking VK’s. He supposedly has a scuba diving qualification and was the youngest PMO in RBS ever in London (apparently). He is vice captain for Business School Rugby (so he says), and is also part of Business School Finance and Trading Society.

Jon loves being able to pull without a guilty conscience. He enjoys wearing long line T-shirts and rolled up jeans showing just enough of the ankle. Is it too early for Big J to take himself off the market? Not if you prove up to scratch.

Johnny’s favourite one liners: “When I’ve had a beer stay clear, When I’ve had a VK, I’m out there to slay.”

Chris Blenkharn


Chris is 22 years old studying Medicine. He previously studied Biomedicine and took a crossover exam to fast track onto the Medicine programme. He is a keen rower and has been in the first eight for nearly three years now. He trains twice a day and eats like a full grown horse. The boy loves a swig, although is limited by his training on how much he can go out. However, as soon as you put a beer in this man he becomes a different animal – rowdy, courageous and throws some mental shapes. Chris has been single for over a year now, mainly because of his dedication to training and his degree. He is one of the nicest, most genuine blokes and any girl would be lucky to have him. He is dying to have a woman in his life.

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