Why do girls have to worry about their shirt numbers when boys don’t?

What’s the big deal?

Life is unequal for the girls. We may be working towards equality, but when it comes to who you sleep with girls are either a slag, virgin, or prude. There is no in between, and neither is better than the other.

But for boys, you get called a legend for having a laugh, or you get told to sleep with more girls if you haven’t slept with many. It’s like we’re something to conquer, rather than something men actually want. You want the number, the slap on the back, rather than the human in front of you.

Enough is enough.


It was when I was having a chat with one of my friends the other day and she said, “I can’t sleep with anyone else until I know he’s serious because my number’s getting too high.” From that I realised how fucked the system is.

I told her, “who gives a shit?” but she was still worried because she was convinced boys care about whether a girl has slept with a lot of people, whether they’ve slept with more people than he has. I guess that hurts his ego.

But why should it be any different to discover the sheer number of people you’ve slept with dependent on gender? It’s an argument that’s been going on for years: Why are boys “legends” when they’ve slept with a ton of girls when girls are called “dirty slags” if the situation is reversed?

We can switch the complete unfairness of it all to boys, too, if you want, just to show you the sheer stupidity of it. If a boy has low numbers, it’s, “come on, lad. Get some more – you need to pull.” He’s a loser. But if it’s a girl with low number, she’s either respected, or she’s seen as a challenge.

Or, of course, she’s a prude. “Don’t be boring, love.”


Is there honestly an explainable, coherent difference that can be justified as to why girls should worry about their numbers but boys should boast about them?

We see it in TV, we see it in films, we see in in books, we see it in life. Where the man has loads of experience and he has to seduce the young virgin, but the promiscuous woman is always seen as the villain or threat.

We live in the 21st century, where Tinder is a legitimate way to meet new people and casual sex is the norm.

We all like sex. Let neither gender be ashamed of that.