Your guide to Cardiff’s ‘Itchy Feet’

It’s lit

Glam? Bump and Grind? Glam? Bump and Grind? The endless Monday cycle rolls round every week. An impossible decision rears its ugly head. What if there was another way?

Every so often Itchy Feet swings into Clwb Ifor Bach. The retro night sells out every time and packs Welsh Club to the rafters with revellers. This Monday brings Cardiff a Mods and Rockers extravaganza.

Its all the good bits of the 50s that everyone wishes they were alive for and none of the ingrained racism.


Are you bored of clubbing? Have repetitive beats got you down?

Funk and soul and rock and roll. That’s what you need.

If you’re lucky you might even get a live band pumping music straight into your ears.


Toot toot


Look at this. Forget shuffling and half-arsedly bobbing your head, get into it!


Do you even lift?

Everyone goes for it. Dance enough that you can count it as a workout.


Who doesn’t love dressing up? Is it mandatory? No. But how can you resist a suit like this?


Are those flamingos? Yes they are

Wear those nice clothes you bought but have literally never had an excuse to wear. Or don’t. Nobody’s judging.

“There’s no cunts” says Lois, a former Cardiff student, “I loved it and pulled a hottie. Boys in suits, yas.”

Dancing to fun music and smiling and having a great time. What’s not to love?

Grab your tickets for Monday 24th October and give them a like on Facebook!