Glam nightclub is closed tonight due to unforeseen circumstances

The Fest is moving to Tiger Tiger

Glam nightclub has been closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Marnie Simpson, from Geordie Shore, will now make an appearance at Tiger Tiger instead.


The event has been moved to Tiger Tiger

Despite Glam still advertising the event on social media, the venue has been changed to Tiger Tiger, also on Greyfriars.

A Tiger Tiger employee said the event has been moved due to problems at Glam, and “tickets will be sold as normal”.

Cardiff University’s History Society were due to hold their annual Toga Toga at The Fest tonight, however have had to move their social.

Connor Hitchcock, Social Sec for the society, said: “By no fault of Glam we’ve had to move the social tonight, which has caused a lot of stress but it’s worked out in the end.

“We were asked if we wanted to move to Tiger Tiger but declined.”

Jenny Troth, a first year studying History, said: “It’s ruined my 21st birthday.”