Things you can expect to happen on a night out in Live Lounge

You always end up there

You promised yourself you’d never go there again, not after the last time.

It’s gone midnight and no where else is going to accept your sorry ass, and frankly you can’t be bothered to queue outside in the freezing cold for two hours only to be told Glam is full to capacity anyway.

You’ll argue about where to go but inevitably, someone will tiredly suggest Live Lounge, but after that the night will spiral out of control, like it has so many times before.

You will always miss the live music

You’ve bickered about it for too long, and by the time you arrive they’re packing everything back into the van.

You will fall off the stage


The stage will stay empty for a while after the band has gone but there’s always one brave soul who leads the charge. Someone will drag you up onto the stage, but you will inevitably be so drunk you’ll fall off it again.

You will drink too many tequila shots

They’re a pound and you’re a student. Enough said.

You will get bought a drink by an old man who is probably Irish

Invitations to go skiing in Val D’Isere all expenses paid will often follow. You will end up having to dodge these people for the rest of the night; they can be a little clingy.


You will make friends with the toilet attendants

You’ll know their name and their story. Eric will offer you pearls of wisdom such as ‘No Spray No Lay.’ You end up believing him.

You will end up buying whatever weird deodorant they’re selling

And you’ll regret spending that last pound when you’re wanting another tequila shot later.

You will beg the blue-haired photographer to take a picture of you


Be warned. Live Lounge doesn’t discriminate between the good, the bad, and the downright awful. Check the photos at your own peril.

You will pick out your wedding dress

We’ve all piled out into the smoking area and had the inevitable deliberations over dresses. They change every few weeks as well to keep the conversation fresh. Just don’t discuss them while you’re pulling.

You will sing the entirety of Mr. Brightside


If you don’t find yourself screaming along in a crowd of sweaty, overgrown boys at some point, did you even go to Live Lounge?

You will make the mistake of putting something in the cloak room

And at the end of the night you will risk your life getting up the stairs, only to wait about three hours to get your pashmina back because you never bloody learn.

You will go to McDonald’s afterwards


It’s just around the corner. You’d be a fool not to make a trip there.

You will have a raging hangover

After all, you did spend a tenner on shots. That’s ten tequila shots. Legend.

You’ll get another Maccies to soothe the hangover, because you feel disgusting, and you’ve woken up to someone else’s vomit on your shoes, but it’s a fab hangover cause you went to Live Lounge.


Where else will welcome you any hour of the day, seven days of the week without judgement? Live Lounge has got you covered.