Cardiff University introduces brand new lecture theatres

They are located within the Main Building

Cardiff University has refurbished five lecture theatres.

The step aims to improve standards of learning with new technology.


They are located within the Main Building

They can be found in rooms 1.40 (The Beverton Lecture Theatre); 1.123 (Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre); 1.122 (Small Chemistry Lecture Theatre); 0.13 (Wallace Lecture Theatre) and -1.64 (Large Shandon Lecture Theatre).

Mo Hanafy, VP Education, said: “Overall students seem to be pretty positive about the new lecture theatres.

“The technologies provided through the refurbishments are essential to learning.

“These include lecture-capture, better acoustics and more.”

Danny, a fourth year Chemistry student at Cardiff University, said: “I enjoy the overhead projector things, where the lecturer can draw under the camera and it displays on the screen.

“I think that’s an awesome shout.”