The SU brings in VK cocktail stand

It was cheaper than buying VK’s

Do you even VK?

Yesterday in Y Plas, the SU brought in a VK stand for it’s VK UV party.

The Friday night event included staff throwing paint at party-goers, but more importantly it brought in a VK stand, which sold VK cocktails for £5 each.


There were three cocktails available, all incorporating different flavoured VK’s.

Two VKs, some lemonade, and shots of Corky’s went into the VK themed bucket, and included light-up straws.

The night even had its own Snapchat filter, with the slogan, “DOÜVK?”

The cocktails were inexpensive, especially since the SU have raised the prices of VK’s from £2.50 to £2.60. This meant the bucket was cheaper than if you bought two VK’s at the bar.

This is the second rise in price of the year. The first saw VK’s rise from £2 to £2.50. Outrage.