Bump and Grind sold out almost every Monday last year

I don’t see nothing wrongggg

Bump and Grind, hosted by Buffalo, sold out almost every Monday last year.

Out of the fifty-two Mondays this year, forty-nine were at full capacity.


Regular DJ at the club, Jaz Freeman, commented: “I think something we’re really proud of is being the friendliest, happiest night.

“We love taking requests. We love people losing their minds, dancing to their favorite tunes. We love the loyalty we have from everyone who comes to our nights.

“Buffalo’s great, it’s become home to us. They have such a fun, hardworking team. They always go above and beyond!”


The only times the event did not sell out include two Mondays in February, where the Windsor Place venue was forced to compete with extreme showers and poor weather, as well as once in April post the bank holiday weekend.

Freeman added: “It’s awesome smashing sell outs! We have a rad crew who work so hard putting BnG together!

“It takes so much time and energy to pull it off every Monday and obviously we’re in various cities across the country now and the festival this summer, but it’s totally worth it when we’ve got an amazing crowd singing every Drake lyric with us, or fully committing to Soulja Boy.”

Bump and Grind will continue at Buffalo every Monday night from 10pm-3am.