The top ten clothes girls hate boys wearing the most

Bad trainers are the biggest culprits.

Now boys before you all get offended because something you own and love has made it on to this list, we aren’t saying don’t ever wear these things, as you can be sure as hell girls wouldn’t never wear something again just because boys don’t like it. This list is merely giving the collective female opinion from a survey of girls on some of the questionable clothes which we’ve seen a lot on the streets recently, so while you can feel free to totally ignore it, maybe ditch the following the next time you’re trying to pull or wanting to impress a girl.

10. Hawaiian Shirts

Even looking at the picture gives me a headache

Are you on holiday in Hawaii or Fiji or anywhere even remotely hot and tropical? No, you’re not. So please take off the baggy and badly made novelty shirt which gives everyone around you a headache with its multi-coloured parrots and palm leaves. These shirts are only acceptable as proper fancy dress with a flower garland or two, or to wear on a Wednesday night social. Only Bear from Ex on the Beach can actually (somehow) pull these off. And at least he’s actually in Mexico.

9. Trainers that look like they come from space

They look more like ski boots

For some unexplainable reason these are absolutely everywhere at the moment. They don’t look stylish, they don’t look cool, they don’t even look comfortable. They look more like ski boots, or astronaut shoes, or like one of the designer’s for Nike took too much of something and had a creative meltdown and can only find inspiration from Star Wars.

8. Supreme, Obey, or any other ugly snapbacks

I shall not Obey

I shall not Obey

Weren’t we all done with these a few years ago – there’s a hundred other, newer and better brands to choose from if you’re going to wear a snapback.

7.  Man bags

What fits in these?

What fits in these?

We get you’re trying to look like a roadman but the fact you’re actually wearing a handbag kind of ruins it. What do you even put in here, they’re so small??

6.  Dodgy cardigans



You know the ones. Those overly feminine cardigans with the collars and flowy necks. If you’re trying to look like Aston from JLS, then this is the look you’re channelling in one of these bad boys.

5.  White Jeans


Leave these to us

Unless you’re Justin Bieber or in a boy band you just won’t look good in these. And if you’re anything like the boys I know, you don’t really do laundry at uni unless you absolutely have to, meaning you have zero clean clothes, have worn your boxers all inside out, and aren’t going home for another two weeks, so you’ll hardly be able to keep a shiny pair of white jeans clean anyway.

4. Anything with a weed flower on it

Get over it

Get over it

The weed flower pattern is so year 9 and I bet your mum doesn’t like them either. Enough said.

3.  Hurraches


You look like Buzz Lightyear

This is probably the item you boys will feel most sorely about. I’m sure they’re super cool in the trainer-sphere of fashion but that doesn’t mean girls like them. They’re too chunky and they look like shoes for robots.

2. Skinny Tracksuit Bottoms

"What's wrong with them?"

“What’s wrong with them?”

Are they tracksuit bottoms or they leggings? What is this peculiar hybrid of comfy trousers and where has it come from? Our theory is that boys love them because they feel a tiny bit more like genuine trousers than standard baggy tracksuit pants do, so it seems more acceptable to leave the house in them and never be bothered to get dressed for the day into proper clothes.

And finally, the winner goes to….

1. All-red Trainers


What are thoooseeeee

Out of the ridiculously large variety of trainers on sale now, if you pick these that is truly disappointing. Whether it’s because they really don’t go with anything, or they’re such a painfully bright shade of tomato red, every single girl I spoke to despised them.