Imogen Rohrs
Cardiff Fashion Editor at The Tab

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The winning team broke the Cardiff record

‘The Chase’ presenter to host Glam’s Monday night

Sean Wallace will be making the appearance in two weeks

What trends will make a come back in 2017?

The good, the bad, and the so, so, so ugly.

Street Style: This week’s best dressed on campus

You were loving the layers

Taxis in Cardiff are still a big issue

Nothing has been done to improve taxi service in Cardiff despite the obvious dangers

How private school are you?

Did you play the cello? Did you have a dining hall or a canteen?

Everything that happens on a Saturday night in the SU

No regrets.

We spoke to one of the designers at Cardiff Fashion Week

She’s the winner of ASOS & The Clothes Show Young Design award

Cardiff Fashion Week starts next Monday

Here’s what you can expect to see

Cardiff taxi drivers still refusing girls short journeys home

One driver laughed in a student’s face when she said she was scared of being raped

An ode to Cardiff’s Victoria’s Secret

If only we all looked like the Angels do

Cardiff University is now bee-friendly

Cardiff University is set to become one of the UK’s first bee-friendly campuses

An X Fest lookbook

British festival style over Coachella any day

It’s been three years since the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed

What changes have been made to the industry since?

The top ten clothes girls hate boys wearing the most

Bad trainers are the biggest culprits.

Jailbreak: How we got to Amsterdam and Brussels and back in 52 hours

People are really, really nice.

Pipe up or please get out of my seminar

What’s the point in going if you’re not going to say anything?

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, Cathays Terrace Lidl?

XXL spaghetti, because size does matter

A mirrored maze full of middle-aged mums: Why is Tiger Tiger still open?

No one’s been there since Freshers’ Week

New halls will replace homeless shelter

Three new developments have been approved

Living in Student Village is infinitely better than halls

Talybont we know you’re jel