A car has flipped in the air and crashed on the Coburn and Fitzroy Street crossroads

No one was hurt

A car has flipped in the air and landed on the sidewalk on the crossroads of Coburn and Fitzroy Street.

At 5.15pm today, a was car speeding down Fitzroy Street causing another car to swerve and flip in the air and landing on the pavement against a house to avoid it.

Luckily, neither driver is hurt and no members of the public have been hit.


The crash was on the crossroads between Coburn and Fitzroy


The Ford Galaxy belongs to a letting agent

The blue Ford Galaxy, which is owned by a letting agent, crashed into a Coburn Street resident’s Ford KA.

After the crash, the driver of the flipped car was concious and climbed out of the side door to exit the vehicle. The driver of the other car has fled the scene, leaving his vehicle.

Police have taken witness statements.