An ode to Revs

All those flavoured vodka shots

“Revs tonight?” are the words on everyone’s lips come your Tuesday morning seminar. Some like to deny it, but most us will accept our inevitable fate; Tuesday Revs is the best night of the week. There is simply no other option because no club can compete with a night like Sync.

Hosting one floor for RnB lovers and upstairs for the House lovers, what more could you ask for? An exclusive VIP room? Check. A large fairy-light lit smoking area? Check. Every flavour vodka shot under the sun? Check.


Whether you’re planning your week ahead carefully or fancy a spontaneous boogie, Revs is the go-to. Revs is where students and locals can be at one. This unlikely mix brings an even more unlikely element of class to a Tuesday night. Revs is the place you can get your glad rags and sky-high heels on. Everyone makes more of an effort for Revs, girls and guys are dressed to impressed and you’re bound to pull when you’re surrounded by such an attractive bunch.

You can’t go wrong when two doubles cost £6 and there are hundreds of flavoured Vodka shots to choose from. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of vodka there will be one for you, including XXX chilli, Cream soda, tea and biscuits and birthday cake flavours. Usually, the white chocolate shots are a clear winner because they taste like mini milkshake heaven.

White chocolate shots for days

White chocolate shots for days

Not only are the sport societies warming up in Revs for their Wednesday night antics, at least half your course will be there. Everyone knows that all lectures are finished by 1pm on a Wednesday, therefore you have the whole afternoon to recover from your hideous hangover (that’s if you make it to uni at all).

Located directly opposite the castle, Revs is cleverly placed at the centre of Cardiff. You’re never too far away from the best night of your life. It’s also the perfect location when you stumble out at 3am and you’re ready for a post-night feast. Burger King, Subway and Maccies are a close skip away for die-hard Revs party-goers, and the choice will probably be the hardest part of your night.