Five taxis have had their licenses suspended after refusing short journeys in Cardiff

The Council are still investigating Cardiff’s taxis

Five Cardiff taxi drivers have had their licences suspended for refusing short journeys.

The suspensions follow a growth in formal complaints submitted to the Council’s licensing section. Cardiff Council has confirmed there has been an increase in complaints since last September. The complaints are made against Hackney carriages as their drivers refuse to pick up passengers who will have short journeys.


After a series of local sexual assaults the chairman of Hackney Cabs Association urged its drivers to collect passengers, particularly female passengers travelling alone. However Cardiff council can confirm an increase in complaints made to its licensing department, resulting in an investigation by enforcement officers.

As part of the scheme doormen are also issued with information cards to give to taxi users. They say that taxi drivers cannot refuse a fare which starts and ends in Cardiff without reasonable excuse. Although five licenses have been suspended the council are still in an on-going investigation following the complaints.