All you need to know about some of this year’s SU candidates

So many campaign videos, so many costumes.

Student elections are a confusing time: Who exactly are the candidates? What do they study? What are they campaigning for? Why are they dressed as a fish or canned food?

The lack of knowledge about SU candidates is the main reason as to why some of us decide not to vote at all, so we thought we’d clue you up with a rundown of some of the campaigners and ask them what their best policy is to get your vote.

Aidan Cammies, second year, Computer Science, VP Societies

Aidan went to a dance class dressed as a dinosaur

Aidan went to a dance class dressed as a dinosaur (video below)

“It would be to introduce ‘a day in the life of societies’, essentially 1-2 minute videos documenting what each society and AU club get up to on their regular events. It’ll be great for advertising to first years who are apprehensive about going to give it a go’s. You can show off the societies that you work so hard in and it could attract students who are still choosing which uni to go to.”

Niko Ciecierski-Holmes, third year, Medicine, VP Heath


Elementary, dear Watson

Running round campus as our very own Sherlock, Niko told The Tab: “Advertising and expanding the Heath Hub and bringing more services from the Union to students at the Heath. They should be able to access front line services with more ease.”

Will Harris, third year, 


Creative genius

“I want to make sure there aren’t any Wednesday afternoon lectures causing people to miss the same classes every week to do their sport. I want to use the AU as a middle party to attract business to sponsor teams, and then our clubs can contact them through us helping them establishing sponsorship deals. More sponsorship revenue means less has to come from joining fees.”

Luke Brett, third Year, Politics, VP Societies

Luke dressed as a whoopee cushion

Luke dressed as a whoopee cushion

Dressed as a whoopee cushion and rapping to Stormzy – Shut Up in his campaign video, Luke said: “I want a society swap day, basically like a wife swap of societies where people try something completely different . It would be hilarious to try out cheerleading.”

Milly Dyer, third year, Human Geography, VP Societies


Everyone likes Milly’s Cookies

“I want to make sure more people get involved with societies – there’s 20,000 who aren’t right now. I also want to help societies promote themselves more and help reward their good work properly through the reward system. Outside of societies I want to make sure that more weekend trips are organised with Give it a Go.”

Sophie Timbers, VP Education, graduated in English Language and Communications, SU President 


“I am your VP Education. I opened the ASSL 24 hours. I installed compulsory exam feedback. I am working on a project to SCRAP printing fees (+ more…) As your SU President, I will organise a FREE nightbus home from SU nightclub events to stops in cathays and halls and FREE tampon dispensers at both SUs (Heath & Cathays!).”

Claire Brosnan, second year, Religion, VP Welfare


Claire pictured left

“My best policy is relating to the expansion of welfare. I want to see better links between the SU, student support, local authorities and personal tutors because it’s not okay that they aren’t in communication with each other or networking to provide a smoother student experience.”

Toby Lock, third year, Religious studies, VP Sports and AU President


So athletic

“My main policy is to improve the Team Cardiff brand by bringing sports clubs closer together and getting them to interact with each other and societies too.”

Charlotte Hayre, fourth year, Chemistry, VP Societies 


“My main policy is to make it easier for everyone to find their ideal society. We currently have over 200 societies at Cardiff uni and it can be hard to narrow down which ones you’re interested in. I want to make a simple online quiz (similar to the kind of thing you see on Buzzfeed) that will narrow down your options based on your interests.”

Charlie Knights, Fresher, Social Policy and Criminology, Students with Disabilities Officer


“Having suffered with multiple personality disorder for several years, I know what it’s like when there isn’t anyone there to support you. I’m running to make sure that all students, whatever they are suffering with – mental or physical, have a voice and know where to get help. Having already become an exec on Xpress Radio and worked as one of your education executives, I know how to get myself and my issues out there, and how the uni works. Disabilities don’t discriminate, so neither do I.”

Sam Murray, fourth year, Music, VP Postgrad students


Sam’s a fun guy

“I want to meet with PG communities in every school, liberation group society and association to ask what the VP Postgrad could do for them. Then have an online poll of collected priorities to set my agenda for the year – that’s my first priority.”

Hannah Sterritt, current VP Societies, Music graduate, SU President


Gangsta Hannah

Hannah told The Tab one of the first things she would do would be “changing the name of YOLO.”

Mads Page, third year, Philosophy, VP Welfare


Mads pictured in the wheelchair

“My priority for the year is mental health. I will work to reduce the stigma and start the conversation on mental health across campus by a series of videos, numerous awareness weeks throughout the year and implementing mental health ambassadors. Student support is very hidden away and difficult to access so I will ensure students are signposted here with more ease, particularly at the Heath.”

Katie Meechan, third year, Sociology, VP Education


She’s dressed up as Pixar’s Brave

“I want to reduce course costs. Money is a very important part of student life and I want to ensure money can be saved where possible, by allowing students free printing credits and reducing library fines.”

Hollie Cooke, third year, Law, VP Welfare


Hollie’s going round giving out free cookies

“I’ll introduce a night bus to run between Cathays, Uni Halls, the Heath and Taly to ensure student safety at night. Following the sexual assaults last term, student safety has become a huge concern, to the point where students were worried about walking to society activities, the library and sports training. This is not right. Other universities run night buses to keep students safe, so why can’t we?”

Emma Fitzpatrick, Postgraduate, Urban and Regional Development, VP Sports and AU President


Emma’s main policy is to “to get more people involved in sport. If elected I would promote sport for all and put my time and energy into working for and supporting the Committees who ran our sports clubs to develop and grow them. Having been a Cardiff student for nearly 6 years, a Captain for 2 and President of the Rowing club for 2 I believe I have the experience needed.”

George Watkins, Fresher, English Literature, Students with Disabilities Officer


George told The Tab: “I want to set up a Wellbeing Society with branches of Mental, Physical and Sexual Health, Postgraduate and International support if I get in. It’ll take pressure off the overwhelmed Student Support services and help people get advice when they need it instead of having to wait a long time.”

Seb Robyns, third year, Religion and Theology, SU President 


“Rent control means capping and reducing rent – students shouldn’t have to decide between a social life and food.”

Lakota Hardwick, Fresher, Optometry, VP Education


“My priority is for students to get the best value out of their courses. I want to do this by ensuring consistently high standards of education and teaching are maintained across the University, and addressing any areas of underperformance. Cardiff University has a fantastic reputation, and every student should gain what that reputation offers, in order to reach their full potential in their studies.”

Go to to read all the mainfestos and vote. Polls close at 5pm on Friday.